20 June 2016

Here we go again.....

I'm finally in the right mindset to take my exercising and 'get fit' regime to the next level.

Having lost 1 stone over a three month period from Feb to May this year, through healthier eating (can't give up the chocolate yet) and taking reformer pilates classes twice a week, I've decided I need to up my game and do more exercise.

I'm back contracting again and whilst I am job hunting, I have set myself a few challenges:

  • To walk more - I'm averaging 7,000 steps a day but need to hit 10,000 per day.
  • To do Couch to 5K again (C25K) - one session in and I'm still alive.
  • To try some new classes. This morning I took a spin class. My knees won't cope with the standing up exercises that everyone else seemed to manage but the instructor was very supportive, checking in with me during the class to see if I was coping okay, which was very encouraging.

My target for the next 12 weeks is to lose another 1 stone or at least the fat around my middle. I reckon slow but sure is the name of the game and one dress size smaller would be rather nice bonus.

I'll be posting brief missives each day, more as a record for myself, as encouragement to keep going.

I'm not a natural exerciser* (*lazy) but I've been inspired by Gem Reucroft (@hr_gem) and by her fab book Memoirs of a Former Fatty: How one girl went from fat to fit (read in one sitting and a great read) and by my chum Amanda Arrowsmith (@pontecarloblue) and her incredible efforts to lose weight and get fit, which you can read about here.

More tomorrow :)

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